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Chihak & Associates

Chihak & Associates Chihak & Associates
At Chihak & Associates located in beautiful Spokane, WA, we have the best disability attorneys in the region. Once you are represented by us, you are more likely to win and get approved in comparison to those who aren't. We will use our significant experience to give you the results that you are expecting. Don't go to a legal firm that does not know what they are doing, that will just cause extra stress as they cannot process your case the way that we can. Our attorneys know the system inside and out, they are truly here to be of assistance to you so that you can be sure of a positive result. Please take a look at our website at to learn more and schedule a free consultation to address your needs.

Chihak & Associates

505 W. Riverside Ave., Suite 500, Spokane, WA 99201

(509) 321-1249


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